Drug and Alcohol
Players who appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol while on the field of play will be shown a yellow card and asked to leave at the discretion of the referee. Failure to leave the field will result in a second yellow/red card, notification of the Sports Complex staff and/or the Wasilla Police Department. A report shall be filed by the game officials. The Board of directors reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate a player's privileges for using drugs or alcohol while playing. A second offense at any time will lead to a player being banned from the league indefinitely. The head referee for the match will make the final determination for any suspected intoxicated player(s).

Adult Team Manager Required
Each team must have an adult (over 21) team manager or coach to supervise the team during all games. A team found in violation will forfeit the game on their first infraction. The offending team is required to leave the field (the other team may continue to use the field). A second infraction during a session will result in the team forfeiting the remainder of their games for that session.

Misconduct towards Game Officials
Misconduct against referees may occur before, during and after the match, including travel to, or from the match. Misconduct may occur also at later times when directly related to duties of a game official as a referee. More...