OPEN: Mat-Valley Soccer Club Player Registration for the September 2019-August 2020 season!


EVERY PLAYER will need their OWN unique email and account.

There are NO family or shared accounts for the adult soccer program

For example, but not limited to, youth players will need their own accounts created, separate from but monitored by their parents (DO NOT USE exisiting family or shared accounts from other orgainzations).

Player registration and $25 fee yearly (fiscal year September-August). All players must be registered with MVSC before they can play. Our enrollment period begins with Fall Season Registration. Players may join at any time during the fiscal year. Please allow at least 1 week to process player registrations (2 weeks at the beginning of the session). We must receive registration with your $25 payment and your player release before you are cleared to play.

You are cleared to play when you are listed on your team roster with a YES verified status.

Player registrations are to be done online.

Register Online Here