Team Registration

Please read!

Team Registration Procedure

Please understand the following team registration policy so that you will not miss out.

All teams must register online. Your team will then receive a time stamp that will be one of the factors that determines whether your team will be added or not. There are other factors such as division size, payment, other teams in the division, etc.. that will be considered by the MVSC Board to determine the final teams.

You must pay your team fees by the team registration deadline (see league info) to be considered for the next session.

Failure to pay on time will put you on the waiting list, and you will only be considered if there are spots available, late fee may apply.

Managers Responsibilities

  • Each team must have an adult (over 21) team manager or coach to supervise the team during all games.
  • Managers must maintain their rosters online and on file in the referee case at the field. Outdoor requires you bring a current roster to each game.
  • Only players registered with Mat-Valley Soccer Club are allowed to play. You must insure this!
  • You may pick-up registered players to play as a guest on your team, but the opposing team will have the right to have the game recorded as a forfeit.
  • The full team fee is due by the deadline and is not refundable.
  • E-mail is Mat-Valley Soccer Club's official means of communication for non-urgent matters.
  • Mangers are responsible for communicating all policies and e-mail content to their players.
  • Matching colored shirts with player numbers are required. Preferred two shirts, light and dark version, light for when team is home and dark when away.

Summer League 2020