League Information

League Information

Adult League *2018-2019

*Don't Forget to Renew your Player Regitstrations

Spring Indoor Season

Small Sided 6v6

Women's Open, Men's A, Coed A,B,and C, and CO30

8 Game season -All divisions

Season runs March-April (some divisions may start a little earlier and some run a little later)

Matching colored Jersey's/Shirts with player number

Preferred two shirts, light and dark

Light for when team is home and dark when away

NOTE: It is VERY important that you register your team early and pay on time

or you will run the risk of not getting your team in at all.

Divisions ***Location **Primary Day *Game Start Times Team Fee

Coed A, B, and C

Small Sided 6v6

4 Games Menard Sports Center

4 Games Colony High School

Sunday's 12:00pm-9:00pm

$790 -Online

Men's A

Small Sided 6v6

8 Games Menard Sports Center

Monday's & Friday's

6:30pm - 9:30pm

$1080 -Online

Women's Open

Small Sided 6v6

8 Games Menard Sports Center

Thursday's & Friday's


$1060 -Online

Coed Over 30 Small Sided 6v6

8 Games Menard Sports Center Wednesday's


Per Player-Info below

*Days and times should remain generally as posted BUT are subject to change.

**This may also include games on other day's of the week if and when necessary

***Locations may change if necessary

MVSC reserves the right to move teams between divisions (A, B, &/or C) for the good of the divisions

Youth Leagues

For current youth opportunities please see Youth Soccer

More information...

Team Registration

All team registrations are to be done online

Dates and times of payment will be used to determine if a team registered before division filled

Space is limited so register early

Opens - Sunday, January 20th

Closes - Sunday, February 10th

Online team registration and payment deadline at midnight.


Player Registration

Player Registration is OPEN for the new September 2018-August 2019 fiscal year

Due in order to play in MVSC games

Player Registrations are to be done online


There will be an additional $10 fee for player registration if submitted any other way than online or by mail as above.

Once player registration is completed it may still take up to two weeks to process before the player is clear to play.

Coed Over 30 (CO30)

ALL players must have current MVSC Player Registration

Played pick up style

8 - small sided (6v6) Games 2-25min halves

Fee: $90 Paid online

CO30 Participants pre-register by email specifying "CO30" to don@matvalleysoccer.com

(Please note this will remain closed until we have enough response to run this program, please contact me if interested per above email)

*Division Notes:

C Division: (includes "Open")

Is for beginners and novice players that want learn how to play in a fun environment. Hence the "Spirit of the Game" should reflect this from the team managers, the players, the fans, and the officials. This may mean second chances to help learn a rule or a call on a hard challenge that may normally be legal, these are just two examples.

In the past we did NOT allow "A" level players, but we have noted that they can provide to the fun and learning of this division if they come to play with the correct mind set and that this mind set applies to ALL in this division.

So, if you plan to play in this division we expect you, your manager, your team, fans, and officials to work together to maintain the "Spirit of the Game".

A and B Divisions:

"Spirit of the Game" applies to these divisions as well. Noting that these divisions should become progressivly more technical, tactical, and competitive, while still remaining fun and friendly.

*Players must be registered with MVSC and have paid player registration fee for the September-August fiscal year

Minimum Age
The minimum age for the adult league is 16 with the following exceptions:

Players who have played in the adult league before

Players who are in high school may play with their high school team

Summer session requires that you must be at least 14 years of age