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Sun 06/01/20143:00 PMCHSBall Hogz2Arsenal4
 4:45 PMCHS907 Warriors1WBC Sailors1
 6:30 PMCHSFosselman CPAs6!!!CAUTION!!!0
Mon 06/02/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Honey Badgers1FC Shakhtar5
Tue 06/03/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1FC Shakhtar2Christ United FC11
Sun 06/08/20143:00 PMCHSArsenal5!!!CAUTION!!!2
 4:45 PMCHSWBC Sailors0Ball Hogz1
 6:30 PMCHS907 Warriors3Fosselman CPAs4
Mon 06/09/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Christ United FC3Honey Badgers1
Tue 06/10/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Honey Badgers4FC Shakhtar4
Sun 06/15/20143:00 PMCHSWBC Sailors2Fosselman CPAs2
 4:45 PMCHSArsenal2907 Warriors2
 6:30 PMCHSBall Hogz1!!!CAUTION!!!1
Mon 06/16/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1FC Shakhtar1Christ United FC5
Tue 06/17/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Christ United FC3Honey Badgers0
Mon 06/23/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1FC Shakhtar4Honey Badgers1
Sun 06/29/20143:00 PMCHSFosselman CPAs2Ball Hogz1
 4:45 PMCHS!!!CAUTION!!!4907 Warriors1
 6:30 PMCHSWBC Sailors1Arsenal2
Mon 06/30/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Honey Badgers0Christ United FC4
Mon 07/07/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Christ United FC4FC Shakhtar2
Sun 07/13/20143:00 PMCHSFosselman CPAs2Arsenal2
 4:45 PMCHSBall Hogz1907 Warriors2
 6:30 PMCHS!!!CAUTION!!!2WBC Sailors4
Mon 07/14/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Honey Badgers2FC Shakhtar6
Sun 07/20/20143:00 PMCHSArsenal3Ball Hogz3
 4:45 PMCHSWBC Sailors2907 Warriors4
 6:30 PMCHS!!!CAUTION!!!1Fosselman CPAs2
Mon 07/21/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Christ United FC6Honey Badgers0
Mon 07/28/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1FC Shakhtar3Christ United FC7
Sun 08/03/20143:00 PMCHSFosselman CPAs3WBC Sailors3
 4:45 PMCHS907 Warriors2Arsenal2
 6:30 PMCHS!!!CAUTION!!!1Ball Hogz2
Mon 08/04/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1FC Shakhtar1Honey Badgers3
Sun 08/10/20143:00 PMCHSBall Hogz4Fosselman CPAs1
 4:45 PMCHS907 Warriors10!!!CAUTION!!!0
 6:30 PMCHSArsenal6WBC Sailors0
Mon 08/11/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Honey Badgers0Christ United FC3
Sun 08/17/20143:00 PMCHSArsenal Fosselman CPAs 
 4:45 PMCHS907 Warriors Ball Hogz 
 6:30 PMCHSWBC Sailors !!!CAUTION!!! 
Mon 08/18/20147:00 PMAlcantra #1Christ United FC FC Shakhtar 
Sun 08/24/20143:00 PMCHS!!!CAUTION!!! Arsenal 
 4:45 PMCHSBall Hogz WBC Sailors 
 6:30 PMCHSFosselman CPAs 907 Warriors